About Us

Shropshire Raised Ponds Limited is a small family run business based in Shropshire. Keen Koi, fresh water and marine fish keepers over many years. Has resulted in a good amount of experience gained throughout the family, both here in the UK, but also in Australia too where two of the sons emigrated and aimed to continue their interest in fish keeping.

Why Ponds?

Shropshire Raised Ponds Limited was setup by in 2018 by Stu Whisson, who realised when looking for a large Koi pond for a patio, that was raised, good quality, a good price and easy to assemble, that these aspects were in fact hard to find. Eventually, after a lot of research, Stu found The Garden Timber company, who specialise in providing high grade, complete garden pond kits (wooden pond and fitted high grade liner). That can be put together in a few hours, by one person. Easily, quickly and with our any specialist skills or tools.

However, many of these ponds were expensive and The Garden Timber company ponds are available only through retailers such as Shropshire Raised Ponds. Yet, many of the other retailers have enormous overheads, mainly because of high staffing, large properties, usually garden centres and therefore charge close to RRP.

Why Shropshire Raised Ponds Limited?

Being a small business, only online and only buying to order. Allows us to pass on these savings to you. There is nothing different buying from us, or anywhere else, aside from saving yourself a lot of money. Buying from other retailers, still means your pond is delivered via the Garden Timber Company who will make, pallet and ship the item from their manufacturing plant. The process is identical. Only the savings you can make with Shropshire Raised Ponds is significant.

Savings Guaranteed!

We are so convinced that we can save you money on any identical pond, that if you find the same pond cheaper anywhere else, we will beat their asking price – GUARANTEED!

Contact: [email protected]