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Covid-19 Update

Hello everyone,

First of all, I do hope that you and yours are well and keeping safe during these troubling times for all of us. Being a family run business, with our own Mother being 81, we have concerns, as does everyone. She is well, as we all are, and we are keeping her safe and entertained.

To business. I want to thank those that continue to shop with us. There is no significant delay on any of the pond orders or other items. The Garden Timber Company that make our ponds, are taking every precaution and the manufacturing process is mostly through robots.

The delivery process is all hands-off. If you are self-isolating, let us know in the order notes, so that we can leave a note for the courier – perhaps telling us where to leave an item, or that when your pond is delivered you will be keeping a good distance.

I want to make an appeal on behalf of all small businesses. Consider shopping with us first, rather than the huge companies that are out there. Especially now more than ever, when pressures on all business, especially family-run businesses are at an all-time high.  We love what we do and thankfully we are able to run the business on a shoestring – we don’t get many complaints if we don’t pay some of the family, we all pull together. So, if you know of a small family-run shop, they will need your business more than the cash-rich monsters. 

There is a bonus with working from home, is that we can take time away and enjoy our ponds and fish a lot more. If you are new to the hobby, perhaps now is the time to join us. There is nothing more relaxing and rewarding than building a pond and watching your fish thrive.

Please stay safe.

Stu Whisson & The Whisson Family
Shropshire Raised Ponds Limited

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