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European Hard Wood Shortage – New Stock May/June [Update]

Unfortunately, there is currently a shortage of the hardwood used in the production of our ponds. The Garden Timber Company (Plastica Ltd) who manufactures the ponds, has informed us that new timber is due in May/June and ponds that will be available for production will begin throughout May/June as the supply of timber returns to normal. Ponds will be produced in date order by the Garden Timber Company.


All retailers selling The Garden Timber Company Ponds and in many cases, any wooden pond will be affected by this issue.

Equipment, filter media, Koi food, and other supplies are not affected.

The reason for the lack of hardwood is because of the lockdown measures put in place throughout the UK and Europe. Supplies have started to dry up and new timber will only start to come through as the lockdowns begin to ease, which is what we are seeing in Europe and eventually the UK.

The other reason why there is a shortage, is quite simply, with people being stuck at home, it has meant more and more people wanting to build a pond. It is great to see more people join this amazing, challenging, and beautiful hobby. 

I want to thank you all for your patience, your understanding, and your patronage.  

Stay safe.


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