How To

Building a pond from Shropshire Raised Ponds is quick and easy. Everything you need is supplied (aside from a mallet). Your pond will arrive on a pallet, delivered straight into your designated private space; this could be a driveway or another area that is privately owned and has no public right or way or access. 

Once your pond has arrived, it’s best to check the packing list and then place out all the boards and liner, so that you know what goes where. This will then allow you to mark out your pond and get an idea of general shape of it. From there, it really is a very easy and fun process of putting the boards down, in order, locking them in together and working step by step. Once you’ve completed the walls, you can install our unique ‘lock liner’ which makes sure that the bespoke fitted liner, sits comfortably in place – don’t forget to place the protective liner padding under the liner to protect from any sharp objects. Simply then click the liner in place. The ‘liner lock’ will then securely hold the liner in place, keeping it tight, tidy and safe. 

Please follow the videos below for complete guides on how to assemble our ponds. 

Pond Assembly (Takes only 2 hours):

Filtration Boards (Optional Product): ORDER HERE

The above filtration boards are an optional extra, consider adding these to your pond order. Most people, either have the filtration running over the edge of the pond, or user hole cutters to make a hole and then use retro fit liner adapter called a Tradux from OASE to connect through the liner:

As you can see, assembly of our ponds is quick, easy and secure. You can have a complete Koi pond ready to receive your equipment, water very quickly. Saving you time and money. 

Instruction Manual Download:

Raised Wooden Koi / Fish Pond Assembly Instructions