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Lead Time Update

Our pond supplier, The Garden Timber Company are continuing to have issues with gaining a reliable supply of the timber used in the production of their ponds. Some ponds are available with relatively short lead times of 10 days, but unfortunately, some are not available now till mid/late June. This is a fluctuating issue. For example, we were told that pond supply on all ponds would be late June/July, then they received a supply of timber and were able to produce ponds. Now that supply is diminishing. 

The best advice we can give is that you place a pre-order for the pond, through the website. We will keep you updated as to its progress, but with a view of receiving the pond in late June.

We understand that this flip-flopping on availability is annoying and believe me, it is causing us a great many headaches for us. Needless to say, those that place pre-orders are booked in with the manufacturer, and the GTC will produce ponds for those that pre-ordered first.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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