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Production Queue Dates, Delivery Dates & How It All Works – IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!

UPDATED: 12th April 2021



As many of you are aware, there is a European shortage of ACQ timber used in the production of Garden Timber Company ponds due to restrictions caused by lockdowns (national and within Europe). This means that production of the ponds is nowhere near as fast as it used to be. Resulting in production dates and queues within those given dates. We do have stock, but ponds are selling fast, so if you see a pond you like in stock and don’t want to wait, order it right away. Otherwise, order your pond as a pre-order and secure delivery for the dates below.

Current dates as of the time of writing are:

Date Ordered W/C       Delivery W/C from Manufacturer (GTC)

15th Feb 2021                       12th April 2021
22nd Feb 2021                      19th April 2021
1st March 2021                     26th April 2021
6th March 2021                     3rd May 2021
13th March 2021.                  10th May 2021
19th March 2021.                  17th May 2021
29th March 2021.                  24th May 2021
4th April 2021.                        1st June 2021
11th April 2021                       7th June 2021
16th April 2021                       14th June 2021

Future dates not listed above are likely to be within the similar time frames, between 6-8 week from order date. 

It is important to note the queue is with the Garden Timber Company and not us. We, like many retailers, place the order with the Garden Timber Company, who will then place your order with the other orders from other retailers in that queue. Unfortunately, we are not shown or are told where our orders are in their queuing system, only the delivery week. 

Shropshire Raised Ponds has a great relationship with the Garden Timber Company (GTC) and as a result, it has been known for us to have our orders shipped sooner, due to the quantities we order from GTC. 

We hope that this clears up some of the confusion, some of our customers have had regarding the production queues. Certainly we wish things were different and they used to be. We are very grateful to the understanding and patience most of our customers have shown us, especially given that we are a small business and with the restrictions and shortages, we are all doing our best to be competitive, offer a good service and provide you with the pond of your dreams.

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