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Lowest Prices In the UK – How We Do It?

Our aim at is to provide exceptional service, which is why you can contact us directly via the chat up till 11 pm at night, 7 days a week. Sometimes much later. Depends how tired I/we are. Personally, I believe that people buy service and support, to that end, we always remain in contact with you regarding your order. Next, we believe that people buy quality, which is why we’ve teamed up with the leading suppliers of ponds and pond products in Europe. Finally, we believe that people buy on price too – obviously. To that end, we employ the services of a specialist company that keeps tracks of all our competition every 24 hours, nearly everyone on the first 5 pages of Google results, on ALL the products and ponds that we sell. To make sure that our prices are the most competitive in the UK. 

If there is a product that you are looking for, that we don’t currently sell. Please contact us and we will source it for you, and beat any price you have been quoted anywhere else. Furthermore, if you see any pond business selling products cheaper that you’re interested in, we will beat the price and adjust ours on our website accordingly. 

How can we maintain a business on such small, sometimes very small margins? The simple answer is we keep the business expenses to a minimum. We don’t employ loads of people or have huge expensive and fancy premises to pay for. This allows us to cut prices, be aggressive, gain market share and grow from there. Many times we are operating on just a few per cent margins, but without you losing the service we aim to give to you 24/7.