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No More Water Changes – Koi Pond

Part of keeping Koi fish happy and healthy is of course water management. Making sure the water is as clean and safe as possible. There are various recommendations as to how often and how much water you should change each week. 10% per week, seems to be about the going average. For small ponds that may not be too much of a problem, for larger Koi ponds that can be somewhat of a headache. To that end, I use the following method:

Constant Water Change

Reverse Osmosis Filter

Using a three-stage reverse osmosis water filter, feeding into the pond at a constant rate, allows for a constant exchange of water. These can be hooked up pretty much anywhere and the small-diameter hose, can run very long lengths, in fact, it can be easily buried or hidden. These can be purchased easily online. 

Self Priming Siphon

Now, of course, having the pond constantly fill up with water means that it will overflow. To that end, it’s very easy to build a self-priming siphon, that will keep the water at a constant level. They are easy to build and plenty of video guides on YouTube will show you how.

By using the above method in my own raised wooden Koi pond, enables me a good degree of freedom. There are of course times when I do need a larger water change. I’ve written an article about dechlorination solution and how to save money on large water changes. Take a look at it here: how to make your own dechlorination solution for your Koi pond


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Raised Wooden Ponds – Cheapest Prices In The UK – Guaranteed!

We will beat any price!

There are quite a lot of pond companies that sell similar ponds to us. The reason being is that the best quality raised wooden ponds are made by The Garden Timber Company. There are of course many other manufacturers of ponds and Koi ponds, but we’ve never found anyone that provides a pond that is such good value, so well made and includes a fitted pond liner, that in itself costs a great deal of money to fabricate. 

We price our Koi and Fish Ponds so competitively. Our profit margins are very small. Our profit in each pond is around 8%. That is by the time we have adjusted for VAT, but delivery and business costs come out of that 8%. This is the lowest price that we can sell the ponds, to remain as a business and to provide you with the best service, the best prices on Koi Ponds and Fish Ponds in the UK. 

As a result, we are so convinced that our prices are the best, and they are! That we guarantee our prices. If you find any company, selling a new Koi or Raised Wooden Fish pond from The Garden Timber Company, at a lower price, then we will match that price. Simply show us an active sale, that includes VAT and will will beat it.